Estrella Damm Beers is Not Vegan Friendly

by Estrella Damm
Address: Spain
Checked by: Miguel
Double checked by: Joan, Miguel, Ryan, Manu
Added: about 3 years ago
Double Checked: almost 3 years ago

**** Editor's Note: Due to several contradictory responses and the possibility information being "lost in translation", Barnivore has listed Estrella Damm as 'Not Vegan Friendly' to be on the safe side. Please use the information below to determine whether or not you are comfortable with purchasing this product. ****

Note from Manu (October 2012):
"I just discovered your amazing website and, checking the beers of my country, I found that there's some controversy about Estrella Damm being vegan or not. Since that's the most common beer in Catalunya and I'm vegan (and beer lover), I'd like to try to shed some light on the topic.

In the spanish "foro vegetariano" there was some topic about it ( where one of the users got a direct answer from the company:

"En Damm para la fabricación de nuestras cervezas no se utilizan componentes ni aditivos de origen animal.
Derivados del pescado, en forma de gelatinas o colas, se habían utilizado históricamente sobre todo en algunas cervecerías inglesas como clarificantes de la cerveza antes de la filtración pero hoy en día esta práctica está bastante abandonada ya que las técnicas de filtración han mejorado muchísimo.
La cerveza se obtiene a partir de la fermentación de un mosto gracias a levaduras de la familia Saccharomyces (hongo unicelular) que pueden estar presentes en el producto final en función del tipo de cerveza del que se trate (filtrada o sin filtrar).

Reciba un cordial saludo
Cristina Rios.
Rble. Calidad Exterior

Translation (by myself):

"In Damm we don't use components or additives from animal origin for the manufacturing of our beers.
Fish derivates, in form of jellies or colas, were used historically, specially in some English breweries, as a beer clarifier before the filtering but nowadays this practice is quite abandoned since filtering techniques have evolved a lot.
The beer is obtained from the fermentation of a wort by yeast from the Saccharomyces family (unicellular fungus) which can be present in the final product depending on the type of beer in question (filtered or unfiltered)."

So... It seems in the end Estrella Damm is vegan friendly (at least that's something, since they are not worker friendly at all... But I guess that's another story)."

Note from Ryan (August 2012):
"Okay, this is a little complicated. I can see where Miguel is coming from as it does almost seem to suggest that it MIGHT contain fish products, as the phrasing is awkward.

Essentially what it says is

Fish and fish-based products, except

a. Fish gelatine used to carry vitamins or preparations of carotenoids

b. Fish gelatine used as clarifier in beer or wine

Now ordinarily I'd agree that this was something to be concerned about, but looking at the date of that it was from 2009, and I believe the other message you have on the website, which directly contradicts this, is more recent. It's a tricky one."

Note from Miguel (July 2012):
"You have been change again this beer to Vegan friendly. It is wrong. You can find attached a certificate in which is written the opposite, but it is a bit tricky to understand, also in Spanish." [Correction (August 2013): This is in Catalan, not Spanish]

Company email (June 2012): (email sent to Estrella Damm)
"A Grup Damm no es fan servir derivats del peix ni altres additius d'origen animal.
Els derivats del peix en forma de gelatines o colas s'havien fet servir històricament a cerveseria com a clarificants de la cervesa abans de la filtració. Avui en dia, aquesta pràctica està molt abandonada degut a que les tècniques de filtració han millorat moltíssim."

[Translation by MC]: "At Damm Group, products derived from fish and other additives of animal origin are not used. Fish derivatives in the form of gelatins or glues were formerly used to clarify the beer before filtration. Today, this practice has been widely abandoned because filtration techniques have improved greatly."

Correction (April 2012):
"the company attached me this form and show that they use jelly fish. I know that it´s dificult to translate but you need to translate all the words in the 4 point. At the end of this line the use the word "salvo" that the meaning in english is "except". This part of the form is really convoluted, also in spanish."

Company email (March 2012):
Editor's note: Company email was extensive, but does not mention the use of any animal products.