Cotes du Rhone Red Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by Famille Perrin
Address: Château de Beaucastel, Chemin de Beaucastel
Courthezon, 84350
Phone: +33 (0) 4 90 70 41 00
Fax: +33 (0) 4 90 70 41 19
Checked by: Jon
Double checked by: Tracy, Jenny, Silje
Added: almost 6 years ago

Company email (February 2017):
"We don't use animal protein as fining agents in our Beaucastel wine "

Company email (July 2015):
"Our wines La Vieille ferme dont contain eggs, milk or honey. However we use animal products during in the processing of our wines La vieille Ferme. Animal products are not present in the wine after filtration but we prefer to say that our wines are not suitable for vegans"

Company email(November 2013):
"Our wines are not suitables for vegan."

Company email (January 2012):
"Nous avons une nouvelle contrainte aujourdhui en termes de produits oenologiques, la déclaration des allergènes majeurs lait et oeuf sur nos contre étqiuettes. Nous avons donc pris le parti pour nos vins rouges de les coller avec de la gélatine de porc et de la bentonite quand cela est nécessaire. Sur nos vins issus de raisin de l'agriculture BIOLOGIQUE Perrin Nature, nous essayons de ne pas les coller mais nous ne pouvons pas vous garantir qu'ils ne le soient jamais. Nous préférons donc vous dire que ce vin ne convient ni aux végétaliens, ni aux végétariens."

Google translation: "We have today a new constraint in terms of winemaking products, the declaration of major allergens milk and egg on our étqiuettes cons. We therefore decided to red wines to stick with pork gelatin and bentonite when necessary. About our wines from grapes of organic farming Perrin Nature, we try not to stick them but we can not guarantee they ever will be. We prefer to say that this wine is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians." [I think "stick" should actually be "fine".]

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