King Ferry Wine is Vegan Friendly

by King Ferry Winery
Address: 658 Lake Rd.
King Ferry, New York, 13081
Phone: 800-439-5271
Checked by: Sarah
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Added: over 6 years ago

Company email (October 2011):

"I can 100 percent tell you that everything in our current sales is Vegan friendly. This may change from Vintage to vintage depending on what material our wine maker has used during fining or filtering. But for all of the wines currently available in our production they are all 100% Vegan friendly. We handle all the wine making and processing in house so we do know this for a fact. We have 2 upcoming releases Pinot Noir & Gewurztraminer both 2010 vintages I don’t know about yet, but if they are not vegan friendly I will get back to you.
I know this because it is becoming a fairly popular question here, and within the industry."