Hautes Terres de Comberousse is Vegan Friendly

Address: Rte de Gignac
34660 Cournonterral
Phone: (33) 4 67 85 05 18
Email: paul@comberousse.com
URL: http://www.comberousse.com/
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Added: almost 8 years ago

I am the wife of a French vintner who takes much pride in helping the land we live on express itself with as little human intervention as possible. I stumbled across www.barnivore.com this morning, and decided I would write you. My husband's wines are certified organic, and he uses no animal products in either the vinification process or the filtering process. So, they would fit nicely into the philosophy of your company's website.

His production is mostly made up of white wines (Cupidone, Sauvagine, Roucaillat, Rocalhan and Djebel), but he also produces one "gris" (which is similar to a rosé) called Gris-gris. They are sold under the domaine name of Hautes Terres de Comberousse, and we are represented in the US by Neal Rosenthal at Mad Rose Group Ltd (www.madrose.com).

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my husband, Paul (he speaks English quite well) at paul@comberousse.com. You may also browse our website at www.comberousse.com

I raise a glass to your efforts at clearing the muddy waters of modern day alcohol consumption.