Overstone Wines is Not Vegan Friendly

Address: PO Box 2234, Stortford Lodge,
New Zealand
Email: rachel@sileni.co.nz
URL: http://www.overstone.co.nz
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Company Email:
"Very small amounts of animal products are used in the winemaking process for both our red and white wines. These products are measured in parts per million. Gelatin is added to help clarify white juice, then casein (a milk product) is added to the wine pre-filtering to help round the mouthfeel. Red wines have egg whites added pre-filtering, again to soften the mouthfeel. These three products are filtered from the wine pre-bottling so there is literally none of the animal product left in the bottled wine.
Labelling rules require us to declare the use of these products during the winemaking process, due to allergen risks but there have been no know instances of someone with a severe allergy reacting to one of these products in wine.