Great Western Brewing Company Ltd. (Canada) is Vegan Friendly

Address: 519 2nd Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 2C6
Phone: (306) 653-4653?
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Added: almost 9 years ago

Company Email:
"I can see that you would have a concern with a number of potential ingredients that could used in the brewing industry but can assure you that, at GWB, we have no additives or preservatives, as I am an advocate for the production of natural beer. In the past we have produced “Honey Wheat” beer but that was discontinued two years ago.
Having said that, the jury is still out as regards the yeast. Being a single cell organism it does show characteristics that could be construed as being from either plant or animal. That debate has raged for centuries!! Anyway, I think your pretty safe with our products."