Purple Cow wine is Vegan Friendly

by Purple Cow Vineyards
Address: 52720 NW Wilson School Rd.
Forest Grove, OR, 97116
Email: jon@purplecowvineyards.com
URL: http://www.purplecowvineyards.com/
Checked by: Ryan
Double checked by: AngelA
Added: almost 9 years ago
Double Checked: over 8 years ago

Company Email:
"Ingredients for Purple Cow Vineyards wine is only grapes and potassium metabisulfite. Well, we had to add some sugar in 2007.

Background on animals and wine: basically, animal products are added because the winemaker is trying to use protein to make other chemicals such as tannins fall out of solution. This is almost exclusive to red wines. When we fine white wines, we are trying to remove protein, so we are adding things such as bentonite clay.

The hotter the climate the grapes are grown, the more pressure there is to use fining agents on red wine. Hot climates increase the skin to weight ratio at harvest, meaning the grapes have more tannin in them.

We don't fine our red wines: meaning no ox blood, isinglass, milk protein, egg whites, etc. We have found that patience and time in the barrel address the needs. We sometimes add Stabavin to our white wines, which is Gum Arabic. I don't think that is prohibitive to vegan diets, but thought I'd disclose it since you're more qualified to judge."

In conversation with winemaker:
"All wines vegan"