High & Mighty Beer Company is Vegan Friendly

Address: 108 Cabot Street
Holyoke, MA, 01040
Phone: 413.323.8040
Email: http://www.highandmightybeer.com/contact
URL: http://www.highandmightybeer.com/
Checked by: Kevin M
Double checked by: Kevin M
Added: about 6 years ago
Double Checked: almost 6 years ago

Kevin writes:
"...their owner (Will Shelton) has been vegan for like 2 decades. We went to a vegan beer dinner with him last week during Philly Beer Week. So, all of their beer is vegan, and he is a cool dude."

March 2009
Company Email:
High & Mighty beer definitely does NOT use any animal finings (via Matt Dinges at Shelton Bros.)