Rustic Roots Wines is Vegan Friendly

by Rustic Roots Winery
Address: 2238 Hwy 3
Cawston, BC, V0X1C2
Phone: 250 499 2754
Checked by: Nicole
Double checked by: Leigh
Added: over 9 years ago
Double Checked: over 5 years ago

Company email (July 2012):
"I am very passionate about making Vegan Wines, and that will not change. All of our wines are made onsite with Certified Organic Tree Fruits and very minimal intervention. The only "fining/clarifying" agent I use is bentonite (clay)"

Company email:
I am proud to say that we use absolutely no animal bi-products in the production, fining and finishing of our wines. We make all of our wines from Certified Organic Fruit and have a very minimalistic approach to wine making.