Pike Brewing Company is Vegan Friendly

Address: 1415 First Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98101-2017
Phone: 206-622-6044
URL: http://www.pikebrewing.com/
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Added: over 9 years ago

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...we don't use isinglass. We use whirlfloc in the kettle which is basically dried seaweed:

Whirlfloc G Is a modern granular kettle fining agent derived from Euchema cottonii. Added 10-20 minutes prior to the end of boil it gives excellent wort
clarity, much improved beer filtration, improved beer clarity post filtration and enhanced colloidal stability of the finished beer. Although the most economical of all kettle fining agents this product it is best suited to brew lengths in excess of 40 Bbl. 20kg/44 pounds

We do filter our beer through filter pads that have been impregnated with
diatomaceous earth (dead sea creatures) perhaps animal skeletons are not to
a vegans liking either.