Steelhead Brewing Co. is Vegan Friendly

Address: 199 East 5th Avenue
Eugene, OR, 97401
Phone: 541-341-1330
Fax: (541) 342-5338
Checked by: Megan
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Added: about 10 years ago

Megan says: "I have it from Ted, the head brewer at Steelhead in EUgene, OR in an interview, that their beers are vegan:"

No we don't [use isinglass or gelatin]. Most of our beers we do unfiltered here, if we do filter them we use that guy right there, which is our D.E. filter. We use diatomaceous earth in that, mix it in, and it will cling on to these screens here and it will allow the liquid to pass through but it will collect all the yeast.