Hertog Jan is Vegan Friendly

Address: Kruisweg 44
5944 EN Arcen
Email: http://www.hertogjan.nl/servicepages/contact/
URL: http://www.hertogjan.nl/
Checked by: Kelly
Double checked by: Stephanie
Added: over 10 years ago

Company email (November 2015):

"Onze bieren zijn geschikt voor veganisten. Er worden geen klaringsmiddelen gebruikt van dierlijke oorsprong."

[Translation: Our beers are suitable for vegans. No fining agents of animal origin are used.]

Info from 2007:

"No animal products used in the beer or the filtration for hertog jan.

They wrote me back saying that they do not use animal products, they use LAVA! because they want their beer to be natural and the lava rocks don't."