Mission Hill Family Estate is Not Vegan Friendly

Address: 1730 Mission Hill Road
West Kelowna, British Columbia, V4T 2E4
Phone: 250-768-6413
Email: info@missionhillwinery.com
URL: http://www.missionhillwinery.com/
Checked by: Steph H.
Double checked by: Phalyn
Added: over 10 years ago
Double Checked: almost 2 years ago

Company email (August 2016):
"We strive to use minimal fining agents on our wines but from time to time we do use animal based fining agents such as skim milk, gelatin or egg whites. We make the decision based on what we feel is best for each wine. This varies from vintage to vintage and therefore we don’t have a wine that we can guarantee to be free of animal products year in and year out."

Company email (circa 2007):

"we do not use isinglass which is derived from fish bladders, however, some of our whites are fined using gelatin, which unfortunately is a pork product, and some of our red wines are fined using egg whites."