Rosehall Run Pinot Noir is Vegan Friendly

by Rosehall Run Vineyards
Address: 1243 Greer Road RR#1
Wellington, ON, K0K3L0
Phone: 1-888-399-1183
Checked by: Steph H.
Double checked by: Dave
Added: over 10 years ago
Double Checked: over 8 years ago

Company email:

"All our wines are vegan friendly except our 2005 Cab Sauv and 2006 Cab Franc which received a light egg white fining, neither of these wines have been released for sale yet...Typically you can safely assume all our white wines are vegan friendly."

Dave says:

"I can confirm your current entry that Rosehall Run has used egg whites in some of its products. In a meeting with owner/wine-maker Dan Sullivan, he said that their Pinot Noirs are vegan, but some of their Chardonnays are not."