Firestone Vineyard wine is Unknown

by Firestone Vineyard
Address: P.O. Box 244, 5000 Zaca Station Road
Los Olivos, CA, 93441
Phone: 805-688-3940
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Added: almost 11 years ago
Double Checked: over 8 years ago

Company email:

"Yes, we do use animals and animal products. All the grapes are pollinated by animals, usually bees. Also, we use various living yeasts to effect the fermentation. While several generations of yeasts may survive the ferment, ultimately they are all killed as the alcohol rises. The bottles are sealed with natural cork, but the trees are not killed in the process as only 1/2 their bark is taken each harvest. Last, there may be animal products in the label glue. Not sure though as there is no ingredients on the content."

[ed: he was so busy being snooty he never got around to answering the actual question, which was about filtration. I'd pass on these dorks...]