Cisco Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by Cisco Wines
Address: 116 Buffalo Street
Canandaigua, NY, 14424
Phone: 1-888-659-7900
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Company email:
"Fining agents are used on a lot-by-lot basis by the winemaker to optimize wine quality. Some fining agents contain proteinaceous materials. Proteinaceous fining agents are used to react with color and/or tannin molecules to make them removable by subsequent filtration. Both the fining agent, the color and/or tannin it reacts with are removed by the filtration process.

All of our fining agents are approved by the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB, formerly the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms)

One of our standard fining agents contains Micronized potassium casseinate [casein is milk protein], food grade gelatin, egg albumin and other food grade components. Other than in the case of that specific fining agent which is removed by the filtration process, Cisco wines do not contain dairy or egg products."