Banrock Station Wine is Not Vegan Friendly

by Banrock Station
Address: Holmes Road Kingston on Murray
Reynella, SA, 5161
Phone: +61 8 8583 0299
Checked by: Leigh Layton
Double checked by: Justin Walker, Danielle
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: 12 months ago

Company email (January 2011):
"Fining agents, such as Isinglass, egg, skim milk powder and Gelatine are used in the winemaking process for most wines, and can vary from vintage to vintage.
If you can provide a specific wine and vintage, we can advise accordingly."

Banrock was our first instance where the double-check paid off - it was initially listed as vegan friendly, but Leigh wrote in to say that the White Shiraz wasn't vegan, and Justin says that the reds say "fined with egg and dairy" on the label. Double check, people!