Château Lamery Wine is Vegan Friendly

by Château Lamery
Address: 2 route de Gaillard
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Added: about 7 years ago
Double Checked: over 6 years ago

Company email (January 2012):
"No synthetic chemical products
no fertilizers
no weedkillers
no fungicides
no insecticides

Natural wine making
harvesting by hand
no chemical yeast or enzyme
minimal burnt sulphur
aged 9 months in used oak casks
without topping up and decanting
no clarification aids or filtration"

Company email:
"In 1998, I had never worked in a vineyard (except grapes harvest) or a cellar when I took over for my father as a winemaker. In 2006, I abandoned all chemicals to convert the small family estate (since 1935) to biodynamics.

This farming technique moves everything closer to nature and attempts to revive the soil that decades of chemical treatments tend to render sterile.

My method of vinification is also not conventional; I eschew any chemical additives and reduce manipulations of the must to a strict minimum in order to preserve the wine’s originality: fermented fruit to make a Vegan Wine.

I burn natural sulphur before pouring wine into oak barrels of 6 + years that are then not opened for 9 months. Then, the precious liquid is pumped into a large blending vat where it stays for 4 months before bottling in November.

In 2011, as I don’t have enough wine to satisfy all my customers, I add one hectare of vines that I rent.

I hope one day you will taste these “terroir” wines, fresh and fruity, quite different from stereotypical products generally tasted today throughout Bordeaux.

In 2010, export began to USA,Belgium, Québec and Switzerland.
England is added to the list in 2011."