Kopparbergs Naked Apple is Not Vegan Friendly

by Kopparbergs Bryggeri
Address: 714 82 Kopparberg
Phone: +46(0)580 88600
Email: konsumentkontakt@kopparbergs.se
URL: http://www.kopparbergs.se/
Checked by: Stephen
Double checked by: Mike, Justin, Phillip, Robert, Kristina
Added: about 5 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Kristina notes (December 2015):
"They said the cider goes through gelatine but there isn't any in the final product."

Company email (November 2014):
"All vår öl är fri från animaliska ingredienser och inga animalier används vid tillverkningen.
Vid cidertillverkning används gelatin som processhjälpmedel. Det finns inga spår kvar av animaliska ingredienser i den färdiga produkten.
Tillverkningen av våra produkter sker på våra fyra bryggerier i Sverige."

[Google translation] "All our beers are free from animal ingredients and no animal products used in manufacture.
At the cider making use gelatin as processing aids. There is no trace of animal ingredients in the finished product.
The manufacture of our products takes place at our four breweries in Sweden."

Company email (January 2013):
"I can confirm that gelatine is used during the filtration process of all Kopparberg products."

Company email (September 2012):
"I can confirm that Frank's Ginger Beer and Root Beer is suitable for vegetarians."

Company Email:
"I can confirm that Franks Alcoholic Ginger Beer is suitable for vegetarians."

Company Email:
"Kopparberg is not vegan friendly as gelatine is used in the filtration process"

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