Dieu du Ciel is Vegan Friendly

by Dieu du Ciel Brewery
Address: 259, rue de Villemure
Saint-J, QC, J7Z 5J4
Phone: (450) 436-3438
Email: infomicro@dieuduciel.com
URL: http://www.dieuduciel.com/
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Added: over 6 years ago

Grey notes:
"When I contacted them inquiring about the source of their cocoa nibs in their Aphrodisiaque vanilla cocoa nib stout. they informed me that they source their cocoa from Barry Callebaut which appears of the FEP list as Cannot recommend but are working on the issues in various ways"

Company Email:
"We don't use any animal derivative in our beer. If there is honey, we will put it on the label."