Tuatara Beers is Vegan Friendly

by Tuatara Brewery
Address: PO Box 570
Paraparaumu, 5254
New Zealand
Phone: +64 4 801 8185
Email: office@tuatarabrewing.co.nz
URL: http://www.tuatarabrewing.co.nz/
Checked by: Russell
Double checked by: John
Added: almost 7 years ago

Note from John (December 2015):
"From a beevana expo wellington 2015 I chatted to these brewers in person and confirmed they were vegan."

Company Email:
"No animal products at all :) Yeast, hops, water, malted barley. We don't do anything to the beer, just bottle it. No preservatives, no pasteurisation, so you will have no problems"