White Shield Beer is Not Vegan Friendly

by Worthington White Shield Brewery
Address: The National Brewery Centre, Horninglow Street
Burton upon Trent, DE14 1NG
Phone: +441283532880
Email: Steve.Wellington@molsoncoors.com
URL: http://www.worthingtonswhiteshield.com/brewery.html
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Added: about 7 years ago

Company email:
"Please accept my apologies for the confusion, however this is a copy of the latest e-mail I received from Steve Wellington Head Brewer which I hope will clarify the question.

For the last 12 years we brewed and bottled White Shield and isinglass finings were never used in the bottled product. Prior to that, White Shield was brewed and bottled by King and Barnes in Horsham; I cannot vouch for how they treated it. White Shield is now brewed in North Brewery Burton and bottled by Fullers in London, Finings are used in conditioning tank in North Brewery but do not appear in the finished beer. Sorry I misled you about current WWS in bottle.

To summarise, Isinglass finings are used in both bottle & cask White Shield"

Company email:
"There are no animal products in bottled White Shield but draught White Shield is treated with isinglass finings, being a traditional cask beer."