Emerson's Pilsner is Vegan Friendly

by Emerson's Brewing
Address: 14 Wickliffe Street
Dunedin, 9058
New Zealand
Phone: 03 477 1812
Email: sales@emersons.co.nz
URL: https://emersons.co.nz/
Checked by: Lisa Y
Double checked by: Max
Added: over 7 years ago
Double Checked: about 2 months ago

Company email (July 2018)
"All our core range beers are vegan friendly, occasionally we use alternative ingredients in some of our seasonal beers which are not vegan friendly eg. Southern Clam – Stout.

Here’s a list of our core range beers;

Pilsner – NZ Pilsner 4.9%
1812 – Pale Ale 5%
Bookbinder – Session Ale 3.7%
Big Rig – APA 5.2%
Bird Dog – IPA 7%
London Porter – London 5%"

Company Email (circa 2011)
"The majority of our beers are fined using isinglass.
However, several of our beers do not use this process, the exceptions are:
Dunkelwiss: Winter season wheat beer
Weissbier: Summer season wheat beer
Weizenbock: August seasonal release wheat beer

With regard to our other beers:
Pilsner - may contain traces of isinglass
1812 - may contain traces of isinglass
Bookbinder - may contain traces of isinglass
London Porter - may contain traces of isinglass
Old 95 - may contain traces of isinglass
Taieri George - contains honey, may contain traces of isinglass
Southern Clam Stout - contains shellfish
JP - varies; different beer each year

Our products are only manufactured here in Dunedin, there is no other facility brewing for us.

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