Dust Bowl is Vegan Friendly

by Dust Bowl Brewing
Address: 3100 Spengler Way
Turlock, CA, 95380
Email: don@dustbowlbrewing.com
URL: http://dustbowlbrewing.com/
Checked by: Kendy
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Added: over 7 years ago

Company Email:
"I do not use any animal products in the brewery. So far, its just fruit and grains, and sometimes a little sugar of various types. I filter with diatomaceous earth filter pads and use no isinglass or gelatin.

The only item on your list that may show up in a beer in the future would be honey, but since I personally can't stand honey in beer, I will try to keep the owner of the company away from that idea. Also,if it is ever used in the beer, it will be listed in the name or on the labeling."