Weed Ales & Lagers is Vegan Friendly

by Mt Shasta Brewing
Address: 360 College Avenue
Weed, CA, 96094
Phone: 1-800-WEED-ALE
Email: mtshastabrewing@weedales.com
URL: http://www.weedales.com
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Added: about 8 years ago

Company Email:
"We use pure spring water ( no chlorine, no fluorides, etc.) as we have a near perfect Ph factor. We gravity filter and do not use any animal products in our processing.

We only list our Lemurian (a German style) Lager as a vegan style of preparation, however all our are processed equally.

We are distributed by Mountain People Distribution of California and Oregon. They mainly sell with heath food and organic food and beverage stores.

I believe we are the only brewery they have chosen that is not "officially" listed as having a registered organic product. Interestingly enough, nearly all organic brewery water is not listed - Why?

When water has to be altered in order to balance their Ph factor they are starting off on the wrong foot."