Woodhouse Wines is Not Vegan Friendly

by Woodhouse Family Cellars
Address: 15500 Woodinville Redmond Rd. N.E. Suite C600
Woodinville, WA, 98072-6953
Phone: 425-527-0608
Email: Phil@woodhouse-usa.com
URL: http://www.woodhousefamilycellars.com
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Added: over 10 years ago

Editors Note:
Awaiting to hear which ones are not fined.

Company Email:
"Other than the Isinglass used to “fine” certain wines (it is a gelatin made from sturgeon bladder used to remove particulates and clarify the wine—it is not in the finished wine), our wines would be considered vegan. They do include sulfites, in very small amounts, to extend shelf life—more of a “natural” consideration than a vegan one."