Great Lakes Beer - Christmas Ale is Not Vegan Friendly

by Great Lakes Brewing
Address: 2516 Market Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio, 44113
Phone: 216-771-4404
Checked by: Lauren
Double checked by: Greer, Veronica
Added: about 7 years ago

Company email, April 2011
Thanks so much for you inquiry. We do not use any of the filter aids that you’re talking about here at Great Lakes , so our beers are definitely vegan friendly! I would be careful as you begin your exploration into the beer world as there are many craft brewers that do use them. I would be especially careful if you go to a place that is serving cask-conditioned beer. This is a very popular way to serve beer these days but the use of finings is very common with these beers. We do a cask here at Great Lakes on occasion and do not use any, so if you’re looking to try one, keep an eye out on our website. Thanks again! I hope you find some of our beers to your liking!

From Greer:
"I called them directly and asked to speak to their Brewmaster, and they transferred me to some fellow named Mark. He confirmed that they DO use honey in their Christmas Ale, but seemed perplexed when I asked if any other animal ingredients were used in the clarifying process. I then said, "Gelatin? Isinglass?" His retort was, " We use a synthetic clarifier called PVPP" (which stands for polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, which also acts as a stabilizer)."

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