Roger's Pilsner is Not Vegan Friendly

by Georgetown Brewing Co.
Address: 5840 Airport Way S. Unit 201
Seattle, WA, 98108
Phone: 206.766.8055
Fax: 206.766.8081
Checked by: Michelle
Double checked by: Kayobi
Added: over 7 years ago

Company email:
"We do not use it in our Manny's, but we do use it in our other beers, so the Manny's is a vegan beer."

Company Email 2:
"We do use isinglass in the Roger's Pilsner and the 9 Pound Porter, so those are not vegan beers. We do not use anything in the Manny's Pale Ale or the Chopper's Red Ale so both of those beers are indeed vegan."

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