Shiner Beer is Vegan Friendly

by Spoetzl Brewery
Address: 603 E Brewery St
Shiner, TX, 77984
Phone: 361-594-3383
Checked by: Leslie
Double checked by: ~chicken~, Samantha, Elise, DJ
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: over 7 years ago

Company email (September 2011):

"We do not use isinglass or any nitrates, nitrites and any other artificial preservatives in any of our beers. All of our beers, except Hefeweizen, are vegan and have no ingredients of animal origin. The honey in our Hefeweizen is the only ingredient that is of animal origin. Every drop of Shiner Beer is produce at Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas.

Company Email:
"Thank you for your inquiry into our beers. We do not use any fish products in any of our beers. All of our beers are Kosher certified and all of them are vegetarian except for Hefeweizen, which does use honey as part of the second fermentation. All Shiner Beers are brewed in Shiner, Texas by the Spoetzl Brewery."

Note from Samantha:
"I went on a tour of the Spoetzl Brewery -- which produces Shiner Beers -- yesterday and made it a point to ask the PR rep conducting it which beers contain honey. Her response? "Only the hefeweizen.""

Company Website: (awaiting confirmation if this applies to ALL beers or just the honey meads)

Click on the last question: "I’m a “Weekend Brewmaster” and I’m wondering what type of yeast Shiner uses when brewing beer?"
The answer reads:
"It is a bottling yeast; we carefully remove our primary yeast before we add honey to the bottle and the secondary yeast. It is fine to use that yeast in repropagating for homebrewing…but because it is NOT our primary alpha-fermentation yeast, it will not give the same esters or profile that you would find in our beers. Happy brewing."

Company Email:
"No animal products at all, including fish. You're probably referring to isinglass, a fish byproduct once commonly used by a lot of brewers. Not much anymore though. And we never have, to my knowledge."

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