Yellow Tail Red Wine is Vegan Friendly

by Casella Wines
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Yenda, NSW, 2681
Phone: (Int+61) 2 6961 3000
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Barnivore note: the Casella family are pro-hunting and one brother owns an ammunition factory.

Company email (June 2016):
"The Mallee Point Pink Moscato is fined with Gelatin before bottling, which is an animal product. All of our YT white wines would be the same as above, but [yellow tail] red wines are not fined before bottling and hence would be suitable for you."

Company email (December 2015):
"We're pleased to let you know that all our red varieties are vegan friendly.

"Our white varieties on the other hand are not vegan friendly as we use animal products (gelatine) in the fining process, although all the gelatine is removed during filtering before bottling."

Company email (December 2011):
"Thanks for your inquiry, I am pleased to tell you that Mallee Point reds are vegan friendly."

Company email (March 2010):
Listed all red wines

Updates (August 2009):
"[yellow tail] Rosé is not vegan friendly as gelatine is use in fining the white wine component of the wine."

Company email:
"[yellow tail] red wines are vegan and don't contain any animal product at all. The residual sugar or RS in our wine is derived from grape juice concentrate which we produce at our winery complex."

Here's something cool: " has a nutritional info tab that actually says if the wine is vegan friendly or not! (Thanks Masada!)"

Company email:
"All of our [yellow tail] red wines are vegan - they contain absolutely no animal byproducts, nor are animal byproducts used during any phase of the winemaking process. Our [yellow tail] white wines, however, do use gelatin as part of the finishing/clarification process. Due to the incredible amount of vegan inquiries we receive, we will be posting this information on our website shortly."

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