Fool Hardy Rabble Rouser (bottle) is Vegan Friendly

by Fool Hardy Ales
Address: 118 Wellington Road
Stockport, SK4 2LL
Phone: 0161 637 6191
Checked by: Andy
Double checked by: George
Added: over 4 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Note from George (February 2015)

"I recently spoke with Sam and Martin, the owners of Fool Hardy Ales (Stockport, England). I mentioned their beers are listed as vegan on Barnivore, and Sam told me this is incorrect. Their cask ales currently contain isinglass finings, so are not suitable for vegans nor vegetarians. However, their bottled beers have no finings, just some added sugar, so are suitable for vegans and vegetarians."

Note from Andy (December 2013)

"I visited The Hope pub in Stockport recently. Their help when asking “the” question was good as, along with a friendly welcome, we didn’t get the “whatever the heck is one of those” look."

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