Golden Axe Apple Cider is Vegan Friendly

Address: Australia
Phone: (03) 95295392
Checked by: Lauren
Double checked by:
Added: over 2 years ago

Note from Lauren (August 2013):
"I ran into these guys at my local farmers market this morning and thought I would submit their details. I suggested they submit it themselves but I figured I would give them a hand. They told me they had gone to the effort of making their product vegan even though they don't get asked much so I figured they deserve a thumbs up.

Their Apple Cider is suitable for Vegans - they verified this is in person, but this information is also clearly available on their website. They are a local Melbourne Australia company using local produce."

From their website (August 2013):
"Of course it also had to be vegan friendly in the best interests of our avian and sea faunal friends."