Grand Teton Vodka is Vegan Friendly

by Grand Teton Distillery
Address: 1755 N. Highway 33
Driggs, ID, 83422
Phone: (208) 354-7263
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Added: 8 months ago

Company email (August 2013):
"Yes, our vodka is vegan, as the only ingredients are the real potatoes from which we distill our vodka. A specially selected distilling yeast is used, mountain water is used from a deep well on our property.
There are no processing ingredients form an animal source. Potatoes are naturally gluten free and our new labels will reflect that, as the TTB, our governing agency in the federal government, changed their rules and will now allow a distillery that uses naturally gluten free substrate, like corn or potatoes to put the words "naturally gluten free" on our labels. There are no dairy products used in our vodka."