Caol Ila Whiskey is Vegan Friendly

by Caol Ila Distillery
Address: Port Askaig
Isle of Islay, PA46 7RL
Phone: +44 (0) 1496 302760
Fax: +44 (0) 1496 302763
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Added: almost 5 years ago

Company email (July 2013):
"We have found out the answers to your two questions regarding Caol Ila:
1.You asked us questions to see if we produced vegan-friendly alcohol.
The Scotch Whisky distillation process, Caol Ila included, does not involve animal products. However, we cannot claim “vegan friendly” on any Diageo product, nor issue any guarantees/ certification.
As a sub question of the above you also asked if our product was manufactured anywhere else in the world?
By law, Caol Ila may not be made anywhere in the world except at the Caol Ila distillery."