Gato Negro White Wine is Vegan Friendly

by VSPT Wine Group
Address: Santiago
Checked by: Glamour Girlcat
Double checked by: Ian
Added: almost 5 years ago

Company email (December 2012):
"We were confirming some facts with our current GatoNegro winemaker, in order to give you the best possible answer.
We don’t know from whom the website got this information, but it’s not 100% accurate.
In general red wines contain gelatin, albumin, or egg whites that are used to refined the wines. so they aren’t suitable for vegans.
All though White and Rosé wines such as Gato Negro Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and Rosé, contain no animal-derived ingredients , and have not used animal ingredients in their processing or production.
Another choice that you can drink is 35 South Organic, you can drink red or whites ; they don’t have any animal-derived ingredients."

Company email:
"To be absolutely sure, I have asked the winemaker of our brand GatoNegro, who has assured me that his wines do not include the use of animal products, such as egg, gelatin, isinglass or shellfish, in its fining process.

The vinification process is as follows: (reds and whites alike, except for the pump-overs, the latter ones)

"Once the grapes arrive to the cellar, they are vinified in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures below 28°C. Several pump-overs take place in order to obtain a good colored wine, which keeps all the fruity character of the grapes. After that, the wine is clarified and stabilized by coldness, to avoid unpleasant sediments in the bottle. It is filtered by mechanical means prior to bottling, so the wine can maintain all its structure and intensity"."

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