Ketel One Vodka is vegan friendly

Address: Nolet Spirits U.S.A.
Phone: 800-243-3618
Checked by: Chris Lynch
Double checked by: Nicole, Benjie
Added: almost 12 years ago
Double Checked: over 6 years ago

Products by Ketel One Vodka:

Company email (December 2011):
"In response to your inquiry, Ketel One and the Citroen are vegan as the raw materials and manufacturing processes are 100% free of animal ingredients or substances and no animal testing is performed for Ketel One Vodka. Please note that the Citroen flavor used for Ketel One Citroen has been checked as well and this also is free of any animal ingredients or substances."

Company email:
"The distillate is filtered through charcoal. To anwser your question, we do not use any animal products during the distillation process of Ketel One. "