DuClaw Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: 8901 Yellow Brick Road - Ste. B
Baltimore, Maryland, 21009
Phone: 443-559-9900
Email: https://duclaw.com/contact-us/
URL: http://www.duclaw.com/
Checked by: Mick
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Added: about 9 years ago
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Products by DuClaw Brewing Company:

Company email (August 2016):
"The only animal ingredient we have ever used in our brewing system is honey. A very limited amount of that particular beer was produced, and we don't currently have plans to make more. If we ever do produce a brew with honey again it will be clearly marked on the packaging. I would say honey is the most likely candidate as far as animal products we would use again in the near future.

All of our beer is brewed and packaged at our Rosedale, MD location (Baltimore County)."

[On followup re: milk]

"The only beer we produce that contains any milk (lacto) is a strawberry milk stout called 'Quick Start My Heart' which is seasonal release that comes out around February. All of our chocolate beers use zero milk to create their flavor profiles. "

Company email (December 2014):
"Our brand name is DuClaw Brewing Company, and we currently manufacture over 25 different year-round and seasonal beers. One or more of DuClaw Brewing Company's beers may contain honey as an ingredient. DuClaw Brewing Company currently does not use any other animal products, nor filter our beer with isinglass or diatomaceous earth. At this time DuClaw Brewing Company is the sole manufacturer and packager of our products."

Company email:
"Although I am not a vegan expert, I believe the answer to your question is yes, all of our beers are vegan friendly. The main non-vegan product in wide use in the brewing industry is isinglass. We do not use it."

Have sent an email to totally clarify all the other ingredients that would make beers not vegan.