Malt Shovel Brewery

Address: 99 Pyrmont Bridge Road
Camperdown, NSW, 2050 Sydney
Phone: 61 2 8594 0200
Fax: 2 9516 2504
Checked by: Bruce
Double checked by: Belinda
Added: about 9 years ago
Double Checked: over 8 years ago

Products by Malt Shovel Brewery:

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Update: SEPT 2009
Company Email:
"Essentially our beers are vegan in that we utilise, barley & wheat
malts, water, yeast & hops, none of which are of animal origin. Most
commercial beers are in fact essentially vegan, however the most
common break down point is the use of Isinglass Finings to clarify the
beer (fish origin), or in some cases the use of albumin (egg). Certain
Stouts do also utilise lactose (from milk). We do not use these in any
of our beers.
Neither do we use any other ingredients or additives of known animal origin.
Therefore I consider our beers are vegan, however we are not certified
by any external authority as vegan."

Bruce writes:

I spoke to the brewer at length, PVPP fining used.