Puddicombe Cider Company is vegan friendly

Address: 1468 Highway #8
Winona, ON, L8E 5K9
Phone: 905 961 0617
Fax: 905 643 7271
Email: info@puddicombecider.com
URL: http://puddicombecider.com
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Company email (April 2014):
"Yes Sir Isaac's is vegan!

In 2010, our first year of production, we used to use isinglass (fish byproduct) for a clarification refining agent in the first few batches. That was the first and ONLY time we used fish byproduct. We NO LONGER use isinglass in any of our Sir Isaac cider brands! Nor do we use any other animal byproducts during or after.

We are in the process of making new labels to resemble our new "techniques" as our older labels still have isinglass on them. But I can guarantee you that is in fact not the case! Our new labels will be available this summer to reassure my guarantee.

Confusing I know! But we are in the process of changing that. So again, YES Sir Isaac's is VEGAN."