Butcombe Brewery has some vegan options

Address: Cox's Green
Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5PA
Phone: 01934 863963
Fax: 01934 863903
Email: info@butcombe.com
URL: http://www.butcombe.com/
Checked by: Bones
Double checked by: Jason, Company, Oliver
Added: about 6 years ago
Double Checked: over 2 years ago

Products by Butcombe Brewery:

Company email (November 2015):

"All of our bottled beers are vegan friendly.

"The beer is cold conditioned for 2 weeks which removes most of the yeast. It is then filtered through cross flow filters and sterile cartridge filters into bottles, so it never sees any isinglass."

Company email (November 2015):

"ALL of our beers in KEG and BOTTLE are vegan/veggie friendly but NONE in cask are. The only part of the process as I can see you understand from the site that isn’t vegan/veggie friendly is fining the beer but there are no finings in our bottled or kegged beer. We simply draw the beer out of our conditioning tanks above the level of the sediment and thus there is no sediment in it to fine."

Note from Jason (April 2013):
"I read the Ashton Press cider entry last week and I was sure it was vegan is I asked some time back, so I double checked this week and yes it is vegan.

Also Thatchers ciders are all vegan and they do make the cider for Butcomb brewary."

Company email (April 2013):
"Iv`e just talked to Thatchers cider who make our Ashton Press for us, apparently all of their cider is totally suitable for both Vegans and Vegetarians.."
Note from Jason (April 2013):
"Also Thatchers ciders are all vegan and they do make the cider for Butcomb brewary."

Company email (June 2012):
"I can confirm that isinglass finings are always used in our cask beers, always have been always will be. However there is potentially a change to our bottles as on some occasions, if the yeast cell count is abnormally high, finings may be used to reduce it. As no finings is present in the finished product we are not automatically informed if this has happened by our bottlers."