Summer Wine Brewery Limited has some vegan options

Address: Unit 15 Crossley Mills, New Mill Road, Honley
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, HD9 6QB
Phone: 01484 665466
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Products by Summer Wine Brewery Limited:

Company tweet (@SWBAndy) (January 2013): [regarding CASKED beers]
[The info on your page comes from their website shop, which refers to their bottled beers. I was a bit dubious about their cask ale so tweeted the Director Andy, as follows: "Hi Andy Can you tell me if all your cask ale is suitable for vegans ie un-fish-fined?"]
"The dark beers are all unfined. At the moment pale ales are fined unless stated on the pumpclip as unfined. Hope that helps"

From their website:
"These beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised & unadultered. They are not bottle conditioned either so you get to drink the entire contents of the bottle with no worries about sediment.
We have carefully carbonated each beer to a level that suits each individual beer. The beer is in it's purest state, we don't even use finings so all our bottled beers are suitable for Vegans too!"