The Brewery

Address: Apartado 1044
Mamede de Infesta, 4466-955 S
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Note from Carlos:
"I am not sure if this is the correct way to contact you guys about a reply that I got from a brewery regarding their products, but here goes.

The Brewery is one of Portugal’s largest and have proven to be animal friendly in the past by cutting al sponsorship to bullfighting events and other events that may involve animal cruelty.

I had contacted them regarding their beers and have received the below response (highlighted in yellow) which basically says that none of their beers use any animal products during processing and brewing. In the meantime I have noticed that they produce (or maybe just commercialize) wine so I have asked if they can confirm if those are vegan friendly too.

The brands that they have areas follows, I have **highlighted three of the brands as I do not think that they brew this here, I think that they are imported and commercialised by Unicer.

· Super Bock

· Super Bock Stout

· Super Bock Green

· Super Bock Sem Álcool

· Super Bock Abadia

· Super Bock Tango

· Super Bock Cool

· Cheers Branca

· Cheers Preta

· **Carlsberg

· Cristal

· Cristal Preta

· ** Tuborg Royal Danish

· **Tetley’s Bitter.

I am awaiting a reply from the other main player in this sector, though the other company is not as ethically sound as Unicer as they sponsor Bullfights and have refused to withdraw their sponsorship using business strategies as an excuse."

Company Email:
"Exmo. Senhor,

Em resposta ao solicitado, informamos que não utilizamos na produção das nossas cervejas os materiais descritos abaixo, nem quaisquer outras matérias-primas de origem animal.

Estamos ao Vosso inteiro dispor para qualquer esclarecimento adicional através dos contactos abaixo mencionados.

Com os meus melhores cumprimentos,"