Holsten - Germany is Vegan Friendly

by Carlsberg Breweries A/S
Address: 100 Ny Carlsberg Vej
1799 Copenhagen V
Phone: (+45) 3327 3300
Email: contact@carlsberg.com
URL: https://www.carlsberg.com/en/
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Company email (June 2022)
"At the moment Gelsol (wich is animal-based) is used to clarife wine production after fermentation and this wine is used in production of Kiss Cider Cherry."

Company email (June 2021)
"I’m happy to confirm that Tetley No. 4 lager is free from animal derived ingredients."

Company email (July 2019)
"I can confirm that our new Carlsberg Danish Pilsner beer produced here in Northampton by Carlsberg UK contains no animal derived ingredients. We are only able to offer information on products produced here in Northampton by Carlsberg UK."

Company email (October 2018)
"For Tetley’s Bitter (draught), some of the beer is made by a contract manufacturer who uses isinglass."

Company email (May 2016) re: Carlsberg Ukraine:
"В процессе фильтрации наша компания использует два вида фильтрационных материалов, а именно:

-кизельгур, который производится из горной породы, состоящей преимущественно из останков диатомовых водорослей; и

-уголь активированный растительного происхождения.

Хотим обратить ваше внимание, на то, что для соблюдения веганской диеты мы рекомендуем вам потреблять пиво в банке или кеге, поскольку для наклейки этикетки на стеклянную бутылку и ПЭТ может использоваться в качестве вспомогательного материала казеиновый клей."

[Translation: "In the production of beer Ukraine Sarlsberg company does not use animal products.

In the filtering process, our company uses two types of filtration materials, namely:

-kizelgur, which is made from rock, consisting mainly of the remains of diatoms; and
-the carbon activated vegetable origin.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that compliance with the vegan diet, we recommend you to consume a beer keg in the bank or as a label for a label to a glass bottle and PET can be used as an auxiliary material casein glue."]

Company email (April 2016) re: Holsten Alcohol Free:
"Yes I can confirm the Holsten Alcohol Free is also vegan friendly."

Company email (August 2015) (Denmark):

"No isinglass or animal products are being used in the production of Tuborg."

Company email (December 2014): (Israel)
בירת קרלסברג מיוצרת רק מלתת כשות מים ושמרים"
הבירה אינה עוברת תהלכי עיבוד בשום מקום בעולם ואינו מיכל מרכיבים אחרים
[Translation by Alex] "Carlsberg beers are made only from Humulus lupulus, water, and yeast.
The beers are not processed anywhere in the world and do not have any other ingredients."

Company email (November 2014): (UK)
"We can confirm that no products of animal or fish origin are used in the production of Carlsberg. It is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans."

Company email (October 2012):
"Unfortunately, Carling Zest is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to the filteration process it goes through."

Company email (June 2012): (Germany)
"Grundsätzlich sind alle unsere Produkte vegan.
Für die Verpackung verwenden wir allerdings handelsübliche kaseinhaltige Leime (z.B. um die Etiketten auf die Flaschen zu kleben). Dies gilt für alle Produkte der Carlsberg Deutschland Gruppe."
[Google translation] "Basically, all our products are vegan. For the packaging we use, however, commercial kaseinhaltige glues (eg, the labels on the bottles of glue). This applies to all products of Carlsberg Germany Group."

Company email (February 2012): (Sweden)
[Translated and summarized]: "Carlsberg only use hops, malt, water and yeast during the production of our beers, and no gelatin or isinglass."

Company email (February 2012): (Denmark)
"Der bruges ikke animalske produkter til produktionen af vores øl."
[Translated]: "No animal products are used during the production of our beers."

Company Email for UK: April 2011
"We can confirm that the following Carlsberg products are suitable for
Vegetarians and Vegans

Carlsberg Export
Carlsberg Elephant Beer
Carlsberg Edge
Carlsberg Special Brew
Holsten Pils
Holsten Export
Holsten Super
Skol (can)
Skol Special
Skol Super

Our cask ales are treated with isinglass finings and are therefore
unfortunately not suitable for vegans or vegetarians."

Company Email for San Miguel Cerveza: Feb 2011 Carlsberg.Feedback@carlsberg.co.uk
Company email (February 2012):
Carlsberg, Denmark: "Der bruges ikke animalske produkter til produktionen af vores øl."
[Translated]: "No animal products are used during the production of our beers."

"We can confirm that there are no animal products used in the production of San Miguel Cerveza and it is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans. All San Miguel sold in the UK is brewed under licence by Carlsberg UK. San Miguel is also produced by the Mahou San Miguel brewery in Spain."

Company Email for UK: Aug 2010
"We can confirm that in the UK Carlsberg brands (ie Carlsberg, Carlsberg, Export, Carlsberg Special Brew) do not contain any animal products in their recipes and are therefore suitable for vegans. This is also the case for our Tuborg brand which again is suitable for vegans.

Isinglass finings are used only in the clarification of some of our cask ales."

Company email for Sweden: (I decided to practice my Swedish with Carlsberg Sverige :) Here's the translation of what he said -Cody)
No, no animal products in our beer.
Using gelatin as fining agents is very rare in Sweden, but there are sometimes abroad (eg England) to top-fermented dark beer ferments in barrels or clear bottle.
This method is not based on any of Carlsberg beers, but these are based exclusively only from malt, hops, yeast and water.

Company email for Canada:
Thanks for your recent enquiry, and re the question I can confirm that we do not use isinglass in Carlsberg Lager.

Fosters Company email: (Australia)
"All other Foster beer brands made in Australia are not vegan friendly, including Stella Artois, Carlsberg and Kronenbourg"

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