Lilley's Rum Cider is Vegan Friendly

by Lilley's
Address: Unit 7b, Handlemaker road
Frome, Somerset, BA11 4RW
Phone: 01373466626
Checked by: Adam
Double checked by: Margaret, Coedee, Jayne
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: about 1 year ago

Company website (May 2023)
"All Lilley's Ciders are vegan and gluten free"

Company email (June 2019)
"All of the Lilley’s Cider flavours contain no animal products. Colider may contain traces of sesame.

"All of the Lilley’s Cider flavours contain sulphites, sugars/saccharin and are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans."

Margaret notes (January 2018)
"I had a word with them to check this morning. They are vegan"

Company email (September 2016)

"our products (and those from Original Cider Co) are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as we use no animal by-products in the production of our ciders."

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