Beluga Noble Vodka is Not Vegan Friendly

by Beluga
Address: Yakimanskaya, Russia nab., Building 4, p. 1, 5th floor
Checked by: Alisa
Double checked by: Marina, Marina
Added: about 5 years ago
Double Checked: 6 months ago

Company email (August 2022)
PDF attached to email, Marina sums it up:
"In short, they said that alcohol is made from plant based raw materials but some of their vodkas contain deer antlers. Vodka Arhkangelskaya was not filtered by animal products. Северная выдержка and Можжевеловая are contain deer antlers (not vegan) . Хлебная, Солодовая and Северные травы do not contain any animal products (vegan)."

Company email (September 2021) re : Green Baboon gin
"Большое спасибо за проявленный интерес к нашей продукции.
В состав джина Green Baboon и в технологическую цепочку приготовления продукты животного происхождения не входят.
Единственное не растительное сырье - это дрожжевые культуры, которые используются при сбраживании растительного сырья для получения спиртосодержащей браги с последующей ее ректификацией для получения спирта."

Google Translate:
"Thank you very much for your interest in our products.
No animal products are included in Green Baboon gin and in the technological chain of preparation.
The only non-vegetable raw materials are yeast cultures, which are used in the fermentation of vegetable raw materials to obtain alcohol-containing mash, followed by its rectification to obtain alcohol."

Company email (December 2017)

"We do not use any animal ingredients in Beluga Transatlantic vodka and in Beluga Allure vodka.

"As for Beluga Noble vodka - it contains honey.

"Beluga Gold Line vodka contains lactose.

"The main ingredients for Beluga vodka are natural wheat, special malt spirit and artesian spring water.

"The gluten is removed in the production process since the spirit is first fermented and then distilled.

"A strict distillation process separates the gluten in the grain from the alcohol, why it is highly unlikely that any gluten remains in Beluga vodka."

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