Allagash Sixteen Counties is Vegan Friendly

by Allagash Brewing Company
Address: 50 Industrial Way
Portland, Maine, 04103
Phone: 800.330.5385
Checked by: Deb
Double checked by: Robin, Richard
Added: almost 4 years ago

Company email (December 2017)
"We don't use milk products, eggs, isinglass or gelatin. We do; however, use honey and lactose in a few of our beers. We list our beer ingredients on all of our beer labels. We only brew and bottle our beer here at our brewery in Portland, Maine."

Company email (May 2015)

"The overwhelming majority of our beer would be considered vegan-friendly. We do not use animal by products or processing aids such as isinglass or gelatin. Occasionally, we may release a specialty beer using honey as an ingredient but it is always mentioned on the label. Our product in only brewed and bottled/kegged right here in Portland, Maine.

Company email (circa 2010)

"Our beers, we learned recently, are vegan friendly."

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