Noilly Prat Rouge Vermouth is Not Vegan Friendly

by Noilly Prat
Address: La Maison Noilly Prat, 1 rue Noilly
34340 Marseillan
Phone: 0033 (0)4 67 77 20 15
Checked by: Liam
Double checked by: Hunter, Noga, Plant Check
Added: almost 8 years ago
Double Checked: about 1 month ago

Company email (January 2024)
"Unfortunately, our vermouth aren't vegan, since we use casein during the process of production."

Company email (January 2023)
"all our vermouth are not vegan, since its contains casein, and we use a bacterial filtration too. The bottling factory is in France, in Beaucaire, and is the only one."

Company email (February 2020)
"I am so sorry but for the same reason Noilly Prat Rouge is not Vegan, Caseine... "

Company email (March 2016)

"Noilly Prat Dry and Extra Dry contains casein from milk, so they are not vegan. However, we still need to clarify with plant if they are using anything in filtration that does not classified other two Noilly Prat as vegan."

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