Saké One G Fifty is Vegan Friendly

by Saké One
Address: 820 Elm Street
Forrest Grove, OR, 97116
Phone: 1-800-550-SAKE
Checked by: iichikogirl
Double checked by: Company contacted us!
Added: over 9 years ago

Company email (March 2015):
"I am pleased to report that all Momokawa Oregon craft sake are now vegan friendly. We substituted the use of gelatin for an algae based fining agent last year, henceforth Momokawa Silver, Diamond, Ruby, and Pearl Sake are all now Vegan friendly. This status also applies to our G Joy and G Fifty Sake."

Momokowa sakes (from california) all varieties use gelatin for fining. (emailed company and they honestly reported a small residue of gelatin might be passed along.)
Varieties include: diamond, silver,emerald,ruby, & pearl

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