Angostura Royal Oak Rum is Vegan Friendly

by Angostura
Address: Eastern Main Road & Angostura Street,
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Phone: (868) 623 - 1841/5
Checked by: Nico
Double checked by: Stevie
Added: about 10 years ago
Double Checked: almost 7 years ago

Company email (August 2017)
"There are no animal by-product or animal-derived products in Angostura aromatic Bitters. While the formulation/ingredient listing is highly confidential, we can assure that the produced product is completely plant based.

"We also indicate that no animal by-product/animal-derived product (including eggs, diary, isinglass, gelatin, chitin etc) interact with our product at any phase of the processing/filtration/bottling manufacture of Angostura aromatic Bitters."

Company email (April 2011)
"I can guarantee you that we do not use any animal products or bi-products in our bitters or rums. So rest assured. They are also Kosher approved."

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