Alpine Willy Vanilly is Vegan Friendly

by Alpine Beer Company
Address: 2351 Alpine Blvd
Alpine, CA, 91901
Phone: 619-445-2337
Checked by: Kevin M
Double checked by: Scott
Added: over 10 years ago

Note from Scott (January 2013):
"I ran into Sean,one of brewers at Alpine, the other day and asked him if the brewery was still not vegan friendly. He told me that for the last few years they have been a product called biofine for finning. He said Alpine is vegan least the permanent line-up is vegan."

Company email (circa 2009):
"We use gelatin in all of our beers and, for the double whammy, isinglass in all of our casks. We don't filter so we use finings for our clarifying."

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